The first Gem Testing Laboratory established in Kolkata and has certified thousands of gemstones every year.


GIL is offering regular gem testing services to the general public, Gem Industry. Government departments like Customs, Police, Income Tax etc.

  • Issues the grading report for Diamond Studded Jewellery.
  • Issues Geographical Origin Certification for Ruby, Emerald & Sapphire and many more precious stones.
  • Issues certificates for origin of colour identification in diamonds.
  • Identification of types of Diamonds.
  • Identification of CVD and HPHT synthetic diamonds.
  • Summary charts (text only) of initial findings.
  • Preliminary results are designed to help customers to determine their ultimate report needs. They are kept on file for a limited period of time.
  • Reports are protected by extensive security features including watermarks, holograms, signatures, and concealed elements.
  • It has a greater exposure to and understanding of a wider variety of specimens.
  • The number of diamonds that can be processed daily is limited, so the service will be operated on a "first come, first serve" basis.